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Diversity Certifications

Certification is an effective marketing tool for accessing contracting opportunities with Corporate and Government agencies and for becoming a provider to supply chains, diversity and procurement divisions.

Procurement (RFPs & Contracts Bidding)

We research on RFPS and contracts that are pertaining to to you & assist in compiling the bid package, finding a JV partner or teaming partner to be able to collectively procure larger contracts.

Information Techology Services

We can handle projects from infrastructure to vendor management, maintenance to upgrades, and consulting for solutions to continue to increase productivity so you can focus on business growth and prosperity.

Supplier Diversity

Enhance the support to the diversified community and especially to their own suppliers

Bids Subscription

Gather and research bids pertaining to you and periodically send you the bids.

Start-up guidance

We provide guidance & steps to entrepreneurs who have ideas to start a business. We provide structure to move from an idea to laying down a basic business structure, initiating operations, securing financing and most importantly getting a client!


Research various procurement opportunities in various industries and respond to RFPs and bid on contracts.

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Executive Team

Ranjani Mohana
Ranjani Mohana
President & CEO
R Mo LLC was started by Ranjani Mohana who has gained vast experience in working with local, state and federal government agencies for over a decade.
Roshini Chandran
Roshini Chandran
Executive Director
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