January 25, 2016


The U.S. government is the world’s largest buyer of goods and services. Government agencies buy just about every category of commodity and service available, from paper clips to janitorial services to vehicles used in space exploration.

In addition, the federal government seeks to contract with small businesses in order to ensure that small-business owners are thriving throughout the country. If you are a small-business owner seeking government work opportunities, all you need is a little guidance and you are well on your way to securing contracts with the federal government.

At R Mo Diversity Solutions we have the expertise and resources to guide you along the process. While you attend to your business we work on getting you certified and further assist in bidding on contracts.

  1. DIVERSITY CERTIFICATIONS: Evaluate and assist diversified businesses with Government certifications to expand their growth with Government Agencies and Corporations.
  2. RFP & CONTRACTS BIDDING: Research various procurement opportunities for my clients in various industries and respond to RFPs and bid on contracts.
  3. TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS: Provide Information Technology staffing and  project management solutions.
  4. START-UP ASSISTANCE: Assists new business start-ups with vision, objectives and formation