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bids subscription

Bids Subscription

We assist businesses to expand and diversify to do business with the Government Agencies and Corporations.

R Mo will send a list of bids available for your business category every two weeks.  We will work closely with you and your team to research on the type of opportunities that will propel you to the next stage in your business.

Once you recognize the bids, R Mo will ensure that the qualifications are matching and will provide a pricing model to bid on the contract.  Once the pricing is accepted, R Mo will take responsibility of compiling the contract and submitting.

The bidding process will be done on a first come first serve basis.  The one who responds first to go for the bid is the only one who will be represented by R Mo for that bid.  One client, one bid is R Mo’s policy.  R Mo will not submit multiple clients bidding for the same contract.

Every effort will be made to make sure qualifications matches the bid and submit a complete bidding package.  R Mo does not guarantee the outcome of the bidding process.  The award of contract is solely at the discretion of the agency that publishes the contract for bidding.

Interested in our Bids Subscription Service?
Let us know and an R Mo representative will send you more information!