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The JOY of being an Entrepreneur

Why do entrepreneurs take great risks?
What is the JOY of being an entrepreneur?

Money is not the pot of gold at the end of their rainbow and neither is the allure of fame and fortune.

Research has proved that they are
motivated by adventure, creation, competition and persistence that keeps
their adrenaline flowing continuously. Also being an entrepreneur
provides ample opportunity to explore the quest.

Their motivation is the experience of
deep gratification of contributing towards the fulfillment of purpose.
To live, hoard wealth, build family, travel around the world and have a
good retirement plan is definitely is not their purpose.

For the Entrepreneur, creativity is both
the starting point and the reason for continued success. It is the
secret formula by which an entrepreneur tends to overcome obstacles and
outsmarts competition.

Entrepreneurs tend to believe in their
purpose for life and living and have a renewed zest for life. They take
ownership, be persistent and utilize their strengths and passions. The
thought of being a conduit to pass on the creativity and dream spurs
them into action. This is also the value that they chose to build their
life purpose. They can bring purposeful play to almost any situation and
find or create ways to have each day be a reflection of their true joy
and purpose.

So the next time you see an entrepreneur
and think they must be crazy for taking such risks, or dream of
quitting your job to pursue a startup and become fabulously rich, make
sure you check your assumptions, ponder your motivations, and reflect on
the true drivers of great entrepreneurship.

To sum it, entrepreneurs’ JOY comes from striving to create and innovate to build something of recognized value around perceived opportunities

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