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Women Owned Businesses Run by Moms!

Definition of mom-pruh-nur: Multi-tasking woman who can balance both the stresses of running a business as an entrepreneur, and the time-consuming duties of motherhood at the same time.
We at R Mo Business Solutions assist businesses with their Women Owned certifications.  Because of this we have the privilege to witness first hand the strength of these women. Their passion for their families and their business is evident from the moment you speak to them.

Here are a few of our amazing clients who are women owned businesses (WBEs) in addition to being amazing moms!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms who also run their own business!
Ranjani Mohana R Mo Business Solutions
Reign Free Red Door Catering
Vinita Chaturvedi Nexus Automation
Carolyn Pistone Clear Blue Commercial
Jackie Welch TIRO Life Coaching
Imelda Alejandrino AP42
Ramya Ramkumar INJ Software Solutions
Ivette Santella Blackwell, Santella, & Jahangiri
Linda Blackwell Blackwell, Santella, & Jahangiri
Lubna Jahangiri Blackwell, Santella, & Jahangiri
Perla Rodriguez Voler Strategic Advisors
Christine Lacy Deer Hollow Financial & Insurance Services, Inc.
Ann Marie Amaro E.A. Machining Inc.
Thuy Fontelera Elemental Structural Engineers
Sudha Peruvemba Rainterra LLC
Martha Ellzey Ellzey’s Painting Inc.
Carmen Frater Frater Real Estate
Seema Nair Global Anchorage Inc.
Lark Hilliard Hilliard Architects
Renee La Londe iTalent Corporation
Pam Isom ICE Safety Solutions
Joanne Tan Joanne Tan Visual Branding
Julie Lilliston Julie Lilliston Communications
Dao Jensen Kaizen Technology Partners
Shey Lunger Lunger Electric Inc.
Usha Kale Orgspire Inc.
Mary Shulenberger Parle Innovations
Svonne Underwood Railroad Cleaners
Kiran Bhalla Openmind Technologies Inc.
Jaswinder Kakkar SAN Data Systems
Daniela Avilla 925 Collision Repair
Bindu Kadiam Bestop LLC
Kathi Mavandadi Environmental Technical Services
Sarah Shewey Happily Inc.
Sangeeta Talwar Raidumsparks Inc.
Debbie Dillion Bond Blacktop Inc.
Debra Medeiros J Stone Promotional Advertising
Ingrid James James Consolidated
Kanchana Murali Omega Solutions
Jayashree Srikanthan Talent Junction LLC
Maria Tapia Pachecos Golden Painting Inc.

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