Contract opportunities

U.S. government agencies acquire more goods and services than any other group in the world. Similarly, state and local government agencies spend billions of dollars on products and services each year.

Government agencies often need to purchase goods and services with public resources and for public purposes to fulfill their functions. Such purchases are generally referred to as government/public procurement.

Government related purchasing activity in the United States is often highly regulated. A substantial number of businesses find it profitable to cater almost exclusively to government procurement needs as it presents tremendous business opportunities.

We at R Mo Diversity Solutions value the time of our clients. We research on RFPs and contracts that are pertaining to our clients and assist in compiling the bid package, finding a JV partner or teaming partner to be able to collectively procure larger contracts.

If you’d like to learn more about RFPs and contracts bidding, please email us at info@rmollc.com.

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