Regular Clients

Company Name Certifications Website
2nd ACT Consulting, LLC MBE, WBE and WOSB http://2ndactconsulting.com/
360 Solutions LLC WBE www.threesixtyglobal.com
3Steps4ward MBE and SBE www.3stepsforward.com
4A Consulting MBE and SBE www.4a-consulting.com
Across The Pond WBE www.3stepsforward.com
Across The Pond WBE www.atp.tv
All Clean California MBE and SBE https://allcleancalifornia.com/
Alliance Information Technology and Computer Software Solutions Inc MBE and SBE www.allianceit.com
Allied Janitorial Services and Supplies, Inc MBE and SBE www.alliedjanitorialservices.com
AM Construction and Concrete MBE, SBE, CPUC and DBE www-am-construction.net
Ameriinfo MBE and SBE www.ameriinfo.com
Apptivo MBE www.ameriinfo.com
Astute Tax and Accounting Services Inc MBE, SBE, WBE www.ameriinfo.comwww.thinkastute.com
Avital Tours WBE www.avitaltours.com
Azad Engineering PC SBE, WBE https://www.azad.in/
Bach Enterprise MBE www.bachusa.com
Battery Buyers WBE www.mybrs.com
Bench-Tek Solutions LLC MBE, WBE, WOSB, CPUC www.bench-tek.com
Ben’s Roofing MBE, SBE, CPUC www.bensroofing.com
Bestop LLC MBE, SBE, WBE, CPUC www.bestopconsulting.com
Biarca Inc MBE, WBE, WBE, WOSB, CPUC www.biarca.io
Blue Lake Packaging WBE www.bluelakepackaging.com
Bonzzu Inc MBE www.bonzzu.com
Buxton Consulting MBE, SBE, CPUC www.buxtonconsulting.com
CEFERTS LLC MBE, SBE www.ceferts.com
Centerline Precision MBE, SBE www.ameriinfo.com
Ernst Handel Roland Mendel www.ameriinfo.comwww.centerlinep.com
Claims-X-Change, LLC and MediVeda Solutions, Inc. DBA CXC Solution MBE www.cxcnetwork.com
Clear Blue Commercial SBE, WBE, WOSB, CPUC www.clearbluecommercial.com
Communications Catalyst Incorporated WBE www.jmgrumet.com
Complete Business Solutions Inc MBE, WBE
Complete Tablet Solutions LLP MBE www.completetable.com
Compusharp Inc SBE www.compusharp.com
Cooper Construction & Engineering Inc SBE
Cr8tive Row LLC MBE www.cr8tiverow.com
Craftiful LLC dba Craftiful Studio WBE 6509336191
Creative Facilitations LLC WBE www.creativefacilitations.com
Cross Ocean Technologies SBE, CPUC www.cot-inc.com/www.crossoceanmedpros.com
C-Suite Coaching MBE, WBE, NGLCC www.csuitecoach.com
Culinary Artistas MBE www.culinaryartistas.com
CWW MBE, SBE, CPUC, DBE www.cwwgrp.com
DC Drywall DBE
Devcon Construction Inc NVBDC https://www.devcon-const.com/
Devsquad LLC MBE www.devsquad.com
E Computer Technologies MBE www.ecomputertech.net
E3 Consulting Corporation WBE, WOSB www.ergonomicconsultants.com
EA Machining Inc MBE, SBE, WBE, WOSB www.eamachining.com
E-Business International MBE www.e-bi.com
Element Structural Engineers MBE, SBE, WBE, WOSB, CPUC www.elementse.com
Emergent Risk International WBE www.emergentriskinternational.com
Environmental Plus, Inc MBE www.epi-usa.com
Environmental Plus, Inc MBE www.epi-usa.com
Environmental Technical Services SBE, CPUC www.etsconsults.com
Factor Creative LLC MBE www.factorsf.com
Fairy Floss Events WBE https://www.fairyflosspartyrental.com/
Forticon Inc MBE, SBE, CPUC, SLEB www.forticon.com
Frater Real Estate MBE, SBE www.fraterrealestate.com
friEdTechnology WBE, WOSB www.friedtechnology.com
Fun Team Events NGLCC www.funteamevents.com
Genre Foods LLC WBE
Hen’s Tooth Productions LLC WBE www.henstoothpro.com
Hey Beautiful Jerk WBE www.heybeautifuljerk.com
Hintze Law MBE www.hintzelaw.com
Hollin’s Consulting Inc MBE www.hollinsconsult.com
Hugo Technologies, Inc MBE www.hugotech.co
Hyphothesis Inc WBE www.hypothesisgroup.com
IDC Technologies MBE www.idctechnologies.com
Infometry MBE www.infometry.net
Infotech Spectrum Inc MBE, SBE www.infotechspectrum.com
Infoway Solutions LLC MBE, SBE, CPUC www.infowaygroup.com
Infrastructure Professional Services and Equipment LLC MBE www.infrapos.net
International Solution Sources LLC MBE, SBE, WBE, WOSB www.intersourcesinc.com
Island Builders Group MBE www.ibg-ny.com
J Cutt Productions MBE www.jcutt.com
Jade Global Inc MBE www.jadeglobal.com
Jahangiri Law Group of Professional Corporation MBE, SBE, WBE www.thejlawgroup.com
Kimzin Creative LLC MBE www.nikkokimzin.com
King Bach Enterprises LLC WBE www.bachusa.com
Kuamp MBE www.kuamp.com
Lauchlan WBE www.lauchlanx.com
Lewis and Tibbits CPUC www.diglt.com
Logos Global Tech MBE, SBE, WBE, WOSB http://logosglobaltech.com/
Luminating Works LLC MBE, WBE www.cultureshift.agency
MA Labs MBE https://www.malabs.com/
Make It Happen WBE, WOSB www.makeithappenpd.com
Maximize Events dba 360 Destination Group WBE, WOSB www.360dg.com
Misram LLC WBE, WOSB www.spectronn.com
Mobile Technologies Inc MBE www.mtigs.com
Mosaic Consulting Group WBE, WOSB www.mosaic-cg.com
Native Soil Inc MBE, SBE, WBE, CPUC, NGLCC www.facebook.com/nativesoillandscape
Numerious Inc WBE www.numerious.com
Obviously WBE www.obvious.ly
Ocean Beach Consulting WBEr www.oceanb.com
Offsyte MBE, CPUC www.offsyte.co
Oneva Inc MBE www.oneva.com
Opus LLC CPUC www.opusunited.com
Pacific Placement Group MBE www.pacificplacement.com
Phase 4 Digital MBE www.henstoothpro.com
Princeton Perfume Company MBE www.princetonperfumecompany.com
Proximous Inc MBE, SBE, CPUC www.proximous.com
PRMRY WBE www.helloprmry.com
Puppy Love Party WBE www.puppyloveparty.com
Quick Printing Center Inc MBE, SBE www.qnrprint.com
R Mo LLC MBE, SBE, WBE, WOSB, CPUC www.rmollc.com
Ray Techno Solutions MBE, SBE, WBE, WOSB, CPUC https://www.raytechnosol.com/
Re Code Solutions LLC MBE, CPUC www.recodesolutions.com
Rebel Unicorn Crafts LLC WBE www.rebelunicorncrafts.com
Redolent Inc MBE, SBE, CPUC www.redolentech.com
Resource Capita Services Inc SBE
RevOne Design MBE, SBE, WBE, WOSB, CPUC www.revonedesign.com
Rootshell Enterprise Tech MBE, SBE, CPUC www.rootshellinc.com
S&S; Trucking SBE http://www.snsands.com/
Safiar Consulting Inc SBE www.safiarconsulting.com
Sigmaways Inc MBE, SBE www.sigmaways.com
Silicon Tech Solutions Inc MBE www.silicontechsolutions.com
Silicon Valley Venture Capital Corp MBE, CPUC https://www.global-4pl.com/
SLAQR WBE www.slaqr.com
Smart Dept Inc. WBE, CPUC www.thesmartdept.com
SRS Consulting Inc WBE www.srsconsultinginc.com
Stacklogy Inc MBE, SBE http://stacklogy.com/
Stellar Soft Solutions Inc MBE, SBE, WBE, WOSB, CPUC www.stellarsoftinc.com
Supersonic Management MBE www.sonicmgmt.net
Swisher Productions, LLC WBE www.swisherproductions.com
Sylvain Labs, Inc MBE www.sylvain.co
Talent Junction LLC MBE, SBE, WBE, WOSB www.talent-junction.com
TCG Builders, Inc WBE www.tcgbuilders.com
echees Recruiting SBE, WBE, CPUC www.techees.com
TechPro MBE https://tech-pro.com/
TelePass WBE www.telepassllc.com
Tezerakt LLC MBE www.tezerakt.com
The Glass Company MBE www.theglass.company
The Law Office of Chun T Wright MBE www.ctwrightlaw.com
Thomas Clark Solutions LLC MBE https://thomasclark.solutions/
TIRO Life Coaching MBE, SBE, WBE, WOSB, CPUC www.tirolifecoaching.com
Translucent Resources LLC WBE, WOSB www.transluc.com
Trident Consuting MBE, SBE, WBE, WOSB, CPUC https://www.tridentconsultinginc.com/
Triune Infomatics SBE www.triuneinfomatics.com
Tuesday Afternoon Media WBE www.tuesdayafternoon.com
Urpan Technologies Inc MBE, SBE www.urpantech.com
V Dolan Trucking SBE, CPUC http://vdolantrucking.com/
VenusGeo Solutions LLC MBE www.venusgeo.com
Versatile Studios MBE www.versatilestudios.com
VIVA Creative LLC MBE www.vivacreative.com
Voler Strategic Advisors MBE, SBE, WBE, WOSB www.volersa.com
Whoz Nxt LLC MBE, SBE, CPUC www.whoznxt.com
Wordsmithie WBE www.wordsmithie.com
YC + D Architecture MBE, SBE, WBE, WOSB www.ycplusd.com
Zealtech Inc MBE, SBE www.zealtechus.com
Zepol Productions Inc MBE www.zepolsales.com