Regular Clients

Clients Certifications Website
19th & Park MBE/WBENC/WOSB www.19parkinc.com
2nd ACT Consulting, LLC MBE/WBENC/WOSB/DBE/SAM http://www.2ndactconsulting.com/
360 Solutions LLC WBENC www.threesixtyglobal.com
3Steps4ward MBE/SBE https://3steps4ward.com/
A&M NorCal LLC DBE https://www.amnorcal.com/
A.E Kieren Illustration NGLCC www.aekieren.com
Abigail Stason LLC WBENC/NGLCC www.abigailstason.com
Abotts Consulting Inc. MBE/SBE/WBENC www.abotts.com
Acoustic Innovations MBE acousticinnovations.net
Across The Pond WBENC www.atp.tv
Adaptive Business Solutions NVBDC www.abstb.com
Agile Point MBE/SBE/CPUC https://www.agilepoint.com/
Air Sea Worldwide MSDC https://www.airseaworldwide.com/index.php/en/
Alison Service Company MBE https://www.alisonserviceco.com/
Alliance Information Technology and Computer Software Solutions Inc (Alliance IT) MBE/SBE www.allianceit.com
Allied Janitorial Services and Supplies, Inc MBE/SBE/CPUC www.alliedjanitorialservices.com
Ameriinfo MBE/SBE www.ameriinfo.com
Aplos America Inc. MBE/State Cert http://www.aplosamerica.com/
Apptivo MBE/CPUC www.profit.co
Avadi Leadership MBE/WBENC www.avadileaders.com
Avital Tours, Inc WBENC www.avitaltours.com
AZTL (Ashley’s Zen Therapy Lounge) MBE/WBE https://aztl222.com/
Bach Enterprise MBE www.bachusa.com
Bar None Games NGLCC www.barnonegames.com
Battery Buyers Inc. dba Battery Recyclers WBENC/DBE www.mybrs.com
Bay Area Pipe DBE https://sfbape.com/
Bay Painting Inc MBE www.baypaintinginc.com
Be Well Integrative Health Partners MBE http://www.bewellihp.com/
Bench-Tek Solutions LLC MBE/WBENC/WOSB/CPUC www.bench-tek.com
Ben’s Roofing MBE/SBE/CPUC/SLEB www.bensroofing.com
Biarca Inc MBE/SBE/WBENC/WOSB/CPUC https://biarca.com/
Big Plan LLC (Fang Fang) MBE http://www.bigplan.io/
Biz Mathematica LLC WBENC www.bizmathematica.com
Blue Lake Packaging, Inc MBE/WBENC www.bluelakepackaging.com
Bondsforever Inc dba Shastha Foods MBE www.shasthafoods.com
Boo Holdings LLC diba Impact Strategic Consulting NGLCC www.impact-strat.com
Broadway Bldg Grp WBENC https://www.westbroadwayco.com/
Buck Davis & Company NGLCC www.buckdavis.com
Buxton Consulting MBE/SBE/CPUC www.buxtonconsulting.com
BWA Studios MBE/WBENC https://www.bwastudios.com/
C&M General Cleaning Services MBE/WBE https://www.cmgeneralcleaning.com/
C20 Studios MBE https://c2ostudios.com/
C2C Logistics LLC MBE/SBE https://c2clogisticsllc.com/
Candoo PBC dba Candoo Tech WBENC www.candootech.com
Cantechtools LLC dba Enerdronics SBE www.cantechtools.com
CEFERTS LLC MBE/SBE www.ceferts.com
Centerline Precision MBE/SBE www.centerlinep.com
Cetera Marketing SAM www.ceteramarketing.com
Ciel Creative Space MBE/WBENC www.cielcreativespace.com
CIMCON Software LLC MBE www.cimcon.com
Claims-X-Change, LLC and MediVeda Solutions, Inc. DBA CXC Solution MBE/SBE www.cxcnetwork.com
CleanMark Group Inc WBENC www.cleanmark.com
Clear Blue Commercial WBE/WOSB/CPUC www.clearbluecommercial.com
Coach To Discover MBE/SBE www.coachingtodiscover
Columbus Technology Solutions inc MBE www.columbustechnologysolutions.com
Common Ground Spirits MBE/SBE www.commongroundspirits.com
Communications Catalyst Incorporated WBENC www.jmgrumet.com
Complete Business Solutions Inc WBENC https://combussol.com/
Complete Tablet Solutions LLP MBE www.completetable.com
Compusharp Inc MBE/SBE/CPUC www.compusharp.com
Covered Records Inc dba Crossclear Inc. NGLCC in process www.coveredrecords.com
Cr8tive Row LLC MBE www.cr8tiverow.com
Craftiful LLC dba Craftiful Studio WBENC www.craftifulstudio.com
Creative Engineering LLC NVBDC/DOBE www.mpgpainting.net
Creative Facilitations LLC WBENC www.creativefacilitations.com
Croft Consulting Services WBE croftconsultingservices.com
C-Suite Coaching MBE/WBENC/NGLCC www.csuitecoach.com
Culinary Artistas MBE/WBENC www.culinaryartistas.com
Culture Management Group MBE Afrochella.com
CWW Group MBE/SBE/CPUC/DBE www.cwwgrp.com
Cybernautix Systems LLC MBE www.dotexe.com
DC Drywall DBE  
Debonair Events WBE https://www.thedebonairevents.com/
Devcon Construction Inc NVBDC https://www.devconconstruction.com/careers
Dex Tech LLC MBE  
Digital Media & Energy Efficiency WBE  
Diligente Technologies MBE/WBE www.diligentetechnologies.com
DJ Kara LA LLC MBE/WBE/NGLCC www.djkarala.com
DOPE Digital Tech Lab MBE www.dopelabs.org
Drone Worx Pro-Washing Inc MBE/SBE https://www.droneworxprowashing.com/
Dula-Werke Dustmann & Co DOBE www.dula.de
E Computer Technologies MBE/SBE/HUB http://www.ecomputertech.com/
E3 Consulting Corporation WBENC/WOSB www.ergonomicconsultants.com
Edgeall Inc MBE/SBE/WBE https://www.edgeall.com/myedge/jsp/index.jsp
Eight25Media MBE www.eight25media.com
Element Structural Engineers MBE/SBE/WBENC/WOSB/CPUC/SAM www.elementse.com
Embrava Group WBENC www.embravagroup.com
Emergent Risk International WBENC www.emergentriskinternational.com
Environmental Plus, Inc MBE www.epi-usa.com
Envirotek Industrial WBENC http://www.envirotekindustrialcleaning.com/
ePrint Online WBE http://www.eprint.eco.br/
Erpmark Inc. MBE https://erpmark.com/
Excell Consulting Inc MBE/CPUC www.excellconinc.com
Executive Talent Management WBENC https://www.etmcnetwork.com/#/
Expectant Advisory, LLC MBE https://expectantadvisory.com/#home
Facit Consulting LLC NGLCC https://facit.miami/
Factor Creative LLC MBE www.factorsf.com
Factory 360 MBE https://factory360.com/
FCG, Inc WBENC www.thrivepointprograms.com
Firefly Pros Inc WBE/WOSB https://fireflypros.com/
Fisec Global Inc. SLEB/WBE http://www.fisecglobal.net/
Flouracity NGLCC www.flouracity.com
Forticon Inc MBE/SBE/CPUC/DBE/SLEB www.forticon.com
Foursteps Solutions, LLC MBE/SBE www.foursteps.solutions
Fragomen WBE www.fragomen.com
Frater Real Estate SBE/MBE/SAM www.fraterrealestate.com
Frazer Solutions, LLC MBE/NVBDC www.frazersol.com
friEdTechnology WBENC/WOSB/SAM www.friedtechnology.com
Fun Team Events NGLCC www.funteamevents.com
Genre Foods LLC WBENC N/A
George Films Inc, dba George Media WBENC www.george.media
Get Marketing MBE/WBENC/NVBDC www.getmarketing.com
Get TAGit, Inc. MBE/WBENC www.gettagit.com
Givsly PBC NGLCC givsly.com
Global Gourmet (Avatar Foods International, Inc., dba Global Gourmet Catering) WBENC https://www.ggcatering.com/
GraceMark Solutions MBE https://gracemarksolutions.com/
Grand Electric & Construction Co., Inc. MBE www.grandelectric.us
Greenbuild Maintenance Group WBENC www.greenbuildcg.com
Greenery NYC WBENC www.greenerynyc.com
Guacamaya Painting Inc MBE/WBENC www.guacamayapainting.com
Harperville Inc MBE www.harperville.com
Harris & Lee Environmental Sciences LLC WBENC www.hlenv.com
Hen’s Tooth Productions LLC WBENC www.henstoothpro.com
Heron Production Group Inc WBENC www.heronpg.com
Hey Beautiful Jerk WBENC www.heybeautifuljerk.com
Hintze Law MBE/NGLCC www.hintzelaw.com
HollandWest Production LLC MBE https://www.hollandwestproductions.com/
Hollins Consulting, Inc MBE www.hollinsconsult.com
Hopr LLC NGLCC www.hopr.tv
Hotfusion Communications Inc WBENC www.hotfusion.net
Hugo Technologies, Inc MBE www.hugotech.co
Hypothesis Inc WBENC www.hypothesisgroup.com
iBase Technologies Inc. State Cert ibasetechnologies.com
IDC Technologies CPUC/MBE www.idctechnologies.com
Imaddudin Consulting Group MBE www.imadb2b.com
Impact Strategy Group MBE/WBENC www.impactstrategygroup.org
Imprint, LLC Bom Parties WBENC www.thebomparties.com
Infometry MBE www.infometry.net</span>
Infotech Spectrum Inc MBE/SBE/CPUC www.infotechspectrum.com
Infoway Solutions LLC MBE/SBE/CPUC www.infowaygroup.com
Infrastructure Professional Services and Equipment, LLC MBE https://www.procore.com/network/p/infrastructure-professional-services-and-equipment-llc-greensboro
Insight Intelli Inc MBE http://www.insightintelli.com/
International Solution Sources LLC (Intersources Inc) MBE/SBE/WBENC www.intersourcesinc.com
Invisible Hand LLC WBENC www.invisiblehand.co
INVOVIA INC SBE/MBE/SLEB https://invovia.com/
Island Builders Group MBE/DBE www.ibg-ny.com
Island Vibe LLC MBE/SBE/NVBDC www.drinkislandvibe.com
ISTA Engineers LLC WBENC www.istaengineers.com
iTek People Inc MBE www.itekpeople.com
J. Cutt Productions MBE www.jcutt.com
J. Rinehart Gallery LLC WBENC www.jrinehartgallery.com
Jahangiri Law Group of Professional Corporation MBE/SBE/WBENC/WOSB www.thejlawgroup.com
Justice Speaks Strategies MBE/WBENC https://justicespeaks.us/
JUV Consulting MBE/NGLCC www.juvconsulting.com
JVZ Group MBE/SBE https://sites.google.com/view/jvzgroupinc/home
Karmapants Photography WBENC www.karmapants.com
Karwell Technologies Inc. MBE http://www.karwelltech.us/
Katalyst Healthcare & Life Sciences Inc MBE www.katalystHLS.com
Kimzin Creative LLC MBE www.nikkokimzin.com
King Bach Enterprises LLC WBENC www.bachusa.com
Kiwi Vision LLC MBE/SBE/WBENC www.themorgansquare.com
Kluge Strategic MBE www.klugeinteractive.com
Koami Architecture WBENC www.koamiarchitecture.com
Konnectingtree WBENC www.konnectingtree.com
Labdesign WBENC https://www.labdesign.com/#home
Law Office of Chun T. Wright, PLLC MBE/WBENC www.ctwrightlaw.com
LBT Marketing WBENC www.lifeisbettertogether.store
Lea Stafford Events MBE/SBE/WBENC www.leastafford.com
LeChat MBE https://lechatnails.com/
Lewis and Tibbits CPUC www.diglt.com
Livemindz WBENC/Texas Hub www.liveminds.co
Logos Global Tech MBE/SBE/WBENC/WOSB/CPUC http://logosglobaltech.com/
Lovers Not Haters MBE www.loversnothaters.com
Luis Pedro Castillo Pictures MBE/SBE http://www.luispedrocastillo.com/
Luminating Works LLC MBE/WBENC www.cultureshift.agency
Maidstone Films, Inc WBENC maidstonesolutions.co
Mark Infotech Inc MBE/WBENC https://markinfotech.com/
Master Powder Coating Inc. MBE/SBE/WBENC www.masterpowdercoating.com
MBH Architects MBE mbharch.com
Melrose Project Management WBENC n/a
Merman Branded WBENC https://hellomerman.com/
Merman USA, LLC WBENC www.hellomerman.com
Misram LLC WBENC/WOSB www.spectronn.com
Mobile Technologies Inc MBE www.mtigs.com
Mosaic Consulting Group WBENC/WOSB www.mosaic-cg.com
MP Structural Engineers SBE/DBE www.mpstructural.com
Nettrux, LLC MBE/WBENC http://www.nettrux.net/
Never Whisper Justice MBE https://neverwhisperjustice.com/
Niha Technologies Inc MBE www.nihatech.com
Novo Communications LLC MBE www.novocommunications.com
Nude Barre MBE/WBE https://nudebarre.com/
Numerious, Inc WBENC www.numerious.com
Obviously WBENC www.obvious.ly
Ocean Beach Consulting WBENC www.oceanb.com
Oficina De Impacto WBENC www.oficinadeimpacto.com.br
Opus Intelligence Labs, Inc MBE https://www.opusintel.co/
Opus LLC MBE www.opusunited.com
Palette Group MBE www.palettegrp.com
Pegbo SBE https://pegbo.com/
People Tech Consulting Texas Hub/MBE/WBE https://peopletechconsulting.com/
Perfect Parts Corporation DBE http://www.perfectelectronicparts.com/index.php
Pharmathek WBE https://www.pharmathek.com/
PiePeople Consulting Inc MBE/SBE/WBENC/WOSB/CPUC www.piepeople.com
Pinnacle Tek LLC WBENC/MBE www.pinnacletek.net
Podcast Laundry MBE podcastlaundry.com
Preferred Speakers WBENC www.preferredspeakers.com
Priceless One Management MBE/WBENC https://www.pricelessone.com/
Priority Grading LLC WBENC/WOSB/DBE Prioritygrading.com
PRMRY, LLC WBENC www.helloprmry.com
Profit Apps Inc MBE www.profit.co
ProImpress WBENC https://proimpress.com/
Proven Patterns Inc MBE https://proven-patterns.com/
Proximous Inc MBE/SBE/CPUC/DBE www.proximous.com
Puppy Love Party Inc. WBENC www.puppyloveparty.com
Quebec Sol WBE/SBE(TX Hub) https://quebecsol.com/
Quick Printing Center Inc MBE/SBE/SLEB www.qnrprint.com
Radixlink Inc MBE https://www.radixlink.com/
Ram Tech WBE https://www.ramtechconstruction.com/
Ray Techno Solutions WBENC/WOSB/MBE/SBE/CPUC n/a
Re Code Solutions LLC MBE/CPUC www.recodesolutions.com
Rebaworx LLC WBENC www.rebaworx.com
Rebel Unicorn Crafts LLC WBENC www.rebelunicorncrafts.com
Redolent Inc MBE/SBE/CPUC www.redolentech.com
Reimagine Talent Co MBE/WBENC www.reimaginetalentco.com
Resourznet Solutions MBE/SBE https://resourznet.com/
RevOne Design WBENC/WOSB/MBE/SBE/NGLCC/CPUC www.revonedesign.com
Right Skale Inc WBE/SBE/WOSB/MBE https://www.rightskale.com/
Roots Supply & Services CPUC www.roots-supply.com
Rootshell Enterprise Tech MBE/SBE/CPUC www.rootshellinc.com
S&S Trucking SBE/DBE www.snsands.com
S3Infinity WBE https://s3infinity.com/
Safiar Consulting Inc MBE/SBE/WBENC/WOSB www.safiarconsulting.com
Sapot Systems Inc. MBE/WBENC www.sapotsystems.com
She Jobs (Surfing) WBENC/Texas Hub www.she-jobs.co
Shine logistics group MBE www.shinelogisticsllc.com
Shotsie Productions WBENC www.shotsiepro.com
Sigmaways Inc MBE/SBE www.sigmaways.com
Silicon Valley Venture Capital Corp (Global4PL) MBE/CPUC http://svvcc.com/
Silver Strike LLC MBE/CPUC www.silver-strike.com
Simply Robotix, LLC WBENC www.simplyrobotix.com
Sirahu Corp SBE/MBE/WBE https://www.sirahu.com/
Smart Dept Inc. CPUC/WBENC www.thesmartdept.com
Snackwise Solutions Inc MBE www.getsnackwise.com
SoCal Building Service Inc MBE/SBE https://www.socalbuildingservice.com/
Sonya Paz Inc dba Vinopaint MBE/WBENC www.vinopaint.com
Spacecraft, LLC WBENC www.spacecraftshuttle.com
sparkSTUDIO, Inc. WBENC/WOSB sparkstudiodesign.com
SRS Consulting Inc WBENC/CMAS/MBE www.srsconsultinginc.com
SSRP Information Technologies, LLC MBE http://www.ssrpit.com/
Stacklogy Inc MBE/SBE stacklogy.com
Stellar Soft Solutions Inc WOSB/WBENC/SME/MBE/CPUC www.stellarsoftinc.com
Strategic Building Innovation MBE/WBENC www.sbi.international
Subarzsweets LLC WBENC/WOSB www.subarzsweets.com
Supersonic Management MBE www.sonicmgmt.net
Swisher Productions, LLC WBENC www.swisherproductions.com
Synectics Inc. MBE/WBE http://www.synectics.com
Talent Junction LLC WOSB/WBENC/SBE/MBE www.talent-junction.com
Techees Recruiting WBENC/SBE/CPUC www.techees.com
Teklus Construction NVBDC https://www.teklus.com/
TelePass, LLC WBENC www.telepassllc.com
Teneral Cellars Inc WBENC www.teneralcellars.com
Tezerakt, LLC MBE/WBENC www.tezerakt.com
Tharu Technologies, LLC MBE/WBENC/WOSB/SAM www.tharutechnologies.com
The How LLC dba The How Skills WBENC/DBE www.thehowskills.com
The Life Currency MBE/WBENC https://www.thelifecurrency.com/
The Miles Group MBE/WBENC/DBE www.themilesgroupconstruction.com
Thenamel, LLC MBE www.thenamel.com
Thomas Clark Solutions LLC MBE/NVBDC thomasclark.solutions.com
TIRO Life Coaching WOSB/WBENC/SBE/MBE/CPUC www.tirolifecoaching.com
THL Logistics MBE/HubZone www.tlhspeedlogistics.com
Topa Architecture CPUC/MBE/DBE https://topaarchitecture.com/
Trademark Events Production MBE/WBENC wearetrademark.com
Translucent Resources LLC WOSB/WBENC www.transluc.com
TriCore Panels WBENC/DBE TriCorePanels.com
Trident Consuting MBE/SBE/WBENC/WOSB/CPUC https://www.trident.consulting/
Trident Security Solutions NVBDC www.trident-llc.com
Trilyon, Inc SAM/WOSB/USPAACC https://trilyonservices.com/
Triune Infomatics MBE/SBE/CMAS www.triuneinfomatics.com
TurnoutNow, LLC MBE www.turnoutnow.com
Unbound Solutions MBE/WBENC www.unboundsolutions.net
Urpan Technologies Inc SBE/MBE www.urpantech.com
V Dolan Trucking CPUC http://www.vdolantrucking.com/
VCloudSys WOSB n/a
VenusGeo Solutions, LLC MBE/SBE www.venusgeo.com
Verb, LLC WBE/MBE/SBE https://www.pickaverb.com/
Verde Associates LLC MBE/WBENC www.verdeassociates.com
Versatile Studios MBE www.versatilestudios.com
Viledge LLC MBE/WBENC www.viledge.com
Virago Search WBENC http://www.viragosearch.com
Visible Hands MBE www.visiblehands.vc
VIVA Creative LLC MBE www.vivacreative.com
VL Technologies WBE/WOSB/SAM https://vltechllc.com/
Voler Strategic Advisors SBE/MBE/WBENC/WOSB www.volersa.com
Von Holzhausen WBE vonholzhausen.com
VR Perspectives, LLC WBENC/WOSB www.vrperspectives.com
VSolutions Technologies Inc WBE https://vsolutionstech.com/
vXecute, Inc SBE www.vxecute.com
Webmobilez Inc WBENC www.webmobilez.com
Westminster Promotions, Inc. MBE/WBENC www.westminsterpromotions.com
Whoz Nxt LLC MBE/SBE/WBENC/CPUC www.whoznxt.com
Wine Family Cellars LLC MBE/WBE http://www.winefamilygroup.com/
Wordsmithie, Inc. WBENC www.wordsmithie.com
XX Artists Inc. NGLCC www.xxartists.com
YC + D Architecture MBE/SBE/WBENC/WOSB www.ycplusd.com
You Are Tech WBE/MBE/SBE https://www.youaretech.com/
Zealtech Inc MBE/SBE/SLEB www.zealtechus.com
ZillionX LLC MBE/WBENC/WOSB/CPUC www.zillionix.com