Nisha Rawat

Certification Assistant

Nisha is a self-starter, an avid reader and an enthusiastic learner, a girl who” DARES TO DREAM”.
1. NISHA loves learning new things and is spontaneous and has an enthusiasm for adventure.
3. She has good presentation skills and knows how to get the task done in the given time. Allowing the caravan of her thoughts to flow through her resplendent imagination she loves writing.
4. She is a highly motivated legal consultant with a keen interest in corporate, who is proactive in gaining expertise in the same. She has an experience of 2 years in legal consulting and corporate jobs.
5. NISHA’s major section of achievements can be seen in debates, declamations, and various other public speaking events!
6. Beyond this she is disciplined, punctual and ever creative.;
7. For this lucky seven NISHA shares the BEST ; she believes in seeing beyond the horizon .