R Mo Certified Businesses In The News

R Mo Clients In The News

R Mo certifies businesses in various local, state, and federal certifications.  These certifications allow businesses to bid on contracts with private businesses and government agencies.  Listed below are some of the clients that have been featured in various news outlets and any awards they have won. Red Door Catering Red Door was featured in the[…]

Strategy to get certified & bid on contracts

Do You Have A Strategy To Get Certified & Bid On Contracts?

What certifications does your business qualify for?  Do you know which of those certifications are the best for your business?  Do you have a strategy to bid on contracts once you’re certified?  If you’re unsure of the answers to these questions, do not worry!  We’re here to help! Certifications and bidding are an intensive process[…]

2017 Certified Companies

2017 Certified Companies

Listed below are the companies that R Mo has certified in 2017! June  California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Certified: Environmental Technical Services May Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Certified: Shirubaa Inc. Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Certified: Ameriinfo Inc. Women Business Enterprise (WBE) Certified: IDentity Check Julie Lilliston Communications Openmind Technologies Economically Disadvantage Veteran Owned Small Business[…]

How do you bounce back?

We, business owners, are always thinking about our business 24/7, which is not okay. We push ourselves to keep working and producing when we just need a little break – a nap, a beach day, a walk. Watch the video to learn about a time when Ranjani was so stressed out that she was confined[…]