MAKE IT HAPPEN” is the mantra of most entrepreneurs but how we make it happen is what differentiates us.

Ideal Day – My coach Jason Womack first introduced me to “Ideal day”. I have so many ideal days now, for my work, for my art, family, friends etc. I have several ideal days on my relaxed day. I have a page write up for each of these days that I imagine and I work towards making it a reality. It is possible. We just have to have the DREAM and Determination to make these ideal days come true.


Where do you stand & what is your priority? So, you have your ideal days ahead of you, right? Where are you now? It’s never too late. Analyze your savings, spending, friends, family (there is nothing much to do there), health, goals, relationships, career, etc. How does where you are now correlate to where you want to go. Build a road map.


Jason and Jodi in their new book Get Momentum “How to get unstuck when you are stuck” talk about creating milestones as the third momentum step to your long term goals. Milestones that you can celebrate and enjoy and be encouraged to reach your long term goals. Small daily activities can lead to big changes.

Goals14. Goals:

Broadcast, announce and share your goals with those who can hold you accountable, encourage and motivate you. Those who can help you reach your goal. With the changes that you want to see will also bring forth changes in your friendships, relationships that you may have to sacrifice. Read point #2 again. Look forward to gaining new healthier relations.

 New Habits:

Set time aside to plan and develop your habits. Savings, workouts, diet, classes, etc. plan thoughtfully. Pick the time of the day you are more productive to start your new habits. Set aside time periodically to reward and celebrate your achievements however small they may be. Believe in yourself.

Remove Roadblocks:

Beware and watch for those temptations and old habits creeping back. It can even be time to say NO to certain lifestyle habits, friendships and even TV. There are only so many hours in a day and we all have the same hours. You get to decide how to spend your hours.

Greater Purpose:

A great purpose changes our perspective to see that the daily grind we are going through is worth the price. The power of having a purpose is fueled by inspiration. Inspirations are great but of no value if it is not followed by actions.

Use all of the above steps to plan and achieve your goals for the greater purpose that you are created for and be filled with peace and harmony. MAKE IT HAPPEN….!!!

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