Are you networking or net-worrying?

Most of us go to networking meetings to meet people and find ways to grow our business. Most folks at meetings is cramming to introduce and exchange business cards to those “important folks” who could provide them business opportunities. That’s old skool now.

The new way is an interconnected community accelerated by social media and new technologies. If we are not focused on building that network every day, we will stagnate and our opportunities at being successful will contract instead of expand.

Here are some ways to build a network of authentic professional relationships:

  1. The heart of networking is about giving back and helping others. Go equipped with what you have to give/share with others. Do you have:
    • Ideas that worked for you;
    • Resources to share;
    • Opportunities that are available;
    • Articles to share;
  2. Be intentional about networking. Be it meeting for coffee/lunch or attending an event. Care about ideas and conversations first,and then getting to know and keep in touch with people happens along the way.
  3. Take your clients to networking events. They get to meet your network and your credibility builds up with your client. Also, who else can better speak of your service than your clients.
  4. Build your networking web. Take interest to know beyond your areas of work/interest. You will be amazed of what new things you can learn and how to use it to your own advancement.
  5. Shifting cultural values and improved technology has accelerated networking, reduced the degree of separation between contacts, amplified our global playing field in more enjoyable ways that are more in tune with our personalities and passions. Be consciously engaging and building your network on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Finally, cultivating the quality of our friends, associates and business partners will be the BOOST we need to pursue success on a MUCH higher level than we are on right now. Building and strengthening our network will help improve our happiness, productivity, and true net worth.

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