How does EMPATHY apply to an entrepreneur?

Empathy is defined as “the feeling that you understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions; and the ability to share someone else’s feelings.”

One of the hallmarks of a successful business is its ability to harness creativity to constantly push into new territory. Without growth and innovation, businesses stagnate and eventually fade away. Those with staying power, however, have mastered an intangible, often overlooked factor, that allows them to focus on the future with clarity: empathy.

Empathy must be the driving force behind business communication. Successful people do not operate alone; each of us needs the support of others to achieve positive results that push us toward our goals. True empathy combines understanding both the emotional and the logical rationale that goes into every decision.

Business success depends on empathetic leaders who are able to adapt, build on the strengths around them, and relate to their environment. Once people are able to step out of their offices and mindsets, and experience vulnerability, they truly begin to feel what those around them are feeling. A critical part of developing empathy, however, is learning to understand, respect and implement another individual’s point of view rather than forcing your own.

1 Foster Trust To Support Network

When you are empathetic in your business, be it with your coworkers, subordinates, bosses or customers, the people you’re dealing with get a sense that you’re on their side, which diffuses conflict.

2 Improves Communication and Out-of-the-Box Thinking

When you look at others with empathy, it is often easier to see where others excel or need some help. With more trust in the environment, people don’t feel as though they’ll always be blamed for everything, so they’re more willing to go out on a limb, try new things and communicate the truth.

3 Become The Employer of Choice

One of the positive side effects of having an open and trusting work environment built on empathy is that employees actually want to work for you. They become your best word-of-mouth advertisers and put maximum effort into what they do so the entire team can succeed.

4 Boost Clients/Customers’ Experience

Empathetic values show you are considering not just business objectives but the needs and desires of employees and clients. After all, business decisions and management issues are based on facts, not emotions. However, you can gain employee and client trust by incorporating empathetic values into your day-to-day business communications.

All in all, empathy is one of the most precious yet overlooked assets in any business. The power of empathy breaks down barriers and open doors when we suspend our disbeliefs and openly engage in new ideas. Effectively understanding empathy involves viewing it as each person’s connection to the people and marketplace that surround them. If we are to keep our businesses relevant and our consumers happy, we must embrace empathy and let it be the force that drives us forward.

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