R Mo Business Solutions – A Review of our Services

We serve two worlds of businesses.

In our first world of services, we assist small diversified businesses with eligible certifications that will open opportunities with large corporations and government agencies.

In our second world of services, we act as an extended arm for large corporations, evaluate their supplier database and assist to get the suppliers certified.

  • For small businesses diversity certifications enables to compete in the fair share market to grow their business.
  • For corporations, certified suppliers enhance their support in increasing small business opportunities and contribute towards the economy.

Almost all corporations and government agencies requires for businesses to be certified.

What does getting diversity certified actually means?

Being a certified business helps the corporations and federal agencies to know that the business is vetted and found capable to do business with.

For example, it is not enough the majority owners of the business to just own majority shares, they must have the responsibility of making financial, operations and major business decisions. One cannot just own the business shares and have non-diverse business owner to run the business.

The certifying councils not only review documents for compliance they also make a site visit to make sure the owner has the understanding and capable of making all business decisions.

It is not just filling out application and submitting online. It requires meticulous review of all documents to be in compliance. Most small business does not have the time, energy and resources to dedicate to the certification process quickly and without stress.

This is where R Mo Business Solutions bring in their expertise to review and submit applications, train for site visits and follow up with the councils to receive certifications.

In similar way, we help large corporations to go through their supplier database and make sure all their suppliers and vendors are certified.

For example, we did a test run of handful of suppliers for a corporation who were indicated in D&B report to be either minority or women owned business. In our evaluation, 55% of the suppliers did not qualify to be minority or women owned, 44% who qualify were not certified and only 1% were actually certified.

R Mo Business Solutions is in our 6th year of business and we have so far certified 300+ businesses with certifications.

We assist businesses all over the United States and Territories.

We assist with Federal Certifications such as GSA, 8(a), Hubzone, Women Owned, Veteran, Disabled Veteran, Native American, Minority, LGBT and Disadvantaged Certifications. We also cover Local, County and State certification. Each counties and state have their own qualifying certification process across the nation

Certifications is not the only means to obtain contract. Business have to research and target their specific market.

R Mo Business Solutions not only assist with certifications, we further guide in growth opportunities with capabilities statements,
preparing for conferences and bidding on targeted contracts.


  • Business owners, to grow your business to the next level and
  • Corporations to make sure all your suppliers and vendors are certified
  • reach out to us by phone, email or website

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