Do you have a Capability statement?

Clients make business successful! Where do we find clients? Our products/services can serve a variety of clientele but without finding clients a business can go nowhere. Before we look at our clients we need to focus on the attributes of our company in a way that clarifies value to the customer as well as highlights our company’s best assets. In this competitive world it is important that we are able to impress and capture the interest of our prospective clients in a limited time frame.

Capability Statement not only helps us to be set apart from our competition it can also be used to prove our qualifications, as reference of our past performances and to open new opportunities to grow our business. So it is very important that we take time to invest in preparing Capability Statement in a clear, concise manner, and reinforce its importance to the prospective clients/agencies.

This document should be only one page, one side having brand & logo, proving business stability and also be visually captivating. It should be customized to target specific clients’ interest and provide them solutions.

The key areas to include are:

1. Corporate data
2. Core competencies
3. Past Performances
4. Differentiators
5. References
6. Contact information.

This document is not only valid in private sector it is equally critical tool to be used more so in the government sector. A business can be successful in selling their products/services to government agencies at the local, county, state, and federal levels.

Contact R Mo to assist you in preparing a powerful “Capability Statement” that will help your business soar to new heights. Email your interest to info@rmollc.com.

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