Are you ready for Government Contracts?

Government contracts can drive business growth…or drive a company out of business!

We get calls, emails and text messages from clients and prospects to help them bid on Government Contracts. Our question to them is, “Do you have what it takes to go after government contracts?”

We like to share some highlights on being prepared for Government Contracts:

  • It is important to understand Your Core Business, your strength and weakness before venturing into Government contracts.
  • Are you Visible? Is your business e-commerce and social media friendly with a Web Presence?
  • Have you done thorough Research on which Government Agencies requires your products/services?
  • Does your company have strong History of Selling to various clienteles?
  • Do you have the Time to research and focus on the few Government agencies to promote your products/services?
  • Are you Financially stable to withstand longer payment schedules from the Government and be able to cover payroll and expenses?
  • Do you have References who can vouch for your excellence?
  • Do you have the feasibility to obtain more Resources at a short notice for your projects?
  • Are you aware of and prepared for the Administrative Tasks that comes along with the contract.
  • Are you familiar with FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations) and DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) rules and regulations.

The most important message here is to make sure you have systems and processes in place, and are prepared to finance and manage a government contract before you bid on it.

At R Mo LLC we coach our clients in 4 sessions to address all of the above highlights & more to get them ready and eligible to
bid on Government Contracts.
 We have a team of trusted partners that can assist with the legal, compliance, accounting, HR and
financing assistance that will be required to execute the awarded contract.

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